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Training with Jordan has made my confidence increase ten fold ! I’m now proud when I look at myself in the mirror. His guidance and motivation really helped me realise my true potential when training In the gym. 

PT sessions with Jordan massively increased my confidence and got me motivated to keep active. I received loads of help with correcting my form and putting together a program that works for me. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Working with Jordan over the last few years has had a massive impact on my motivation and consistency with regards to my nutrition and fitness.

I have lost over 3 stone, gained confidence, strength and cardio fitness and am so much healthier than when I started.

Jordan is patient, motivating, and designs programmes that can be followed easily and consistently yet still challenges you to improve week on week and reach goals.

I’ve been training with Jordan weekly for almost a year. I have seen huge improvements in my physique and form. Jordan is easy to get on with, professional and highly knowledgeable. He will help you physically and mentally become a better version of yourself. I recommend at least weekly sessions with him!

Having Jordan as a PT meant my confidence grew in the gym when training independently and giving me the knowledge and self belief to push myself. The sessions made me feel better about myself physically and mentally and was a great way to relieve stress. I lost over a stone with Jordan’s help, he is very passionate and driven to help you achieve your personal goals

Every PT session I had with Jordan made me feel like I had accomplished something. The twice weekly sessions never got boring or repetitive and always taught me something new, which in turn grew my confidence in the gym. Jordan is motivating, knowledgable and always pushes you to do your best. Training with Jordan made me feel strong (both physically and mentally), fit and confident again- I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer. 

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